About Me

Architecture / Interior Design Photography

Born in France, Matt grew up with a passion for planes.  Around 11 years old, he spent countless hours sitting on the roof ridge of his Mediterranean family home, trying to capture military airplanes swooping by several times a day with his 300mm telephoto lens and a Photosniper grip / trigger.

After some studies in Interior Design and Architecture, he quickly found a passion for 3D modeling and rendering that led him to work for 7 years in the videogame industry.

For the past 16 years, through the company Archimed Studio that him and his wife Emma founded, he’s been providing Architects, Developers, Manufacturers, Interior Designers, etc. with photo realistic renderings. With more and more clients asking for photography over the years, Matt picked up the camera again and has been perfecting his craft daily.

Your project deserves to be captured under its best light.